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How to Create a Beauty Space at Home

How to Create a Beauty Space at Home

Create a beauty haven at home! From your bedroom to your bathroom, you can fill an empty space with everything from vanity mirrors to desks and skincare essentials to create your own dedicated space for pampering. You’ll also need good lighting and a calming ambiance — and voila, your beauty corner is ready! Slathering on your serums and body butters will be more satisfying than ever.

Here’s how to create a beauty space at home — and ultimately transform your beauty routine.


Choose Your Space

It could be your bedroom, bathroom, home office, living room, or you could even turn your spare room into a beauty room. Regardless of how much space you have, it’s always possible to create a vanity area in which you can pamper, prep, and check yourself out. Even in super small spaces, simply adding a mirror and a shelf filled with your fave formulas is enough to make your room feel extra girly and indulgent. It’s all about creating a focal point, which can easily be done with a little decor and creativity.

Need inspiration? Turn to social media for decor ideas. Whether you’re going for something minimalist or maximalist, you’ll be able to find plenty of design ideas as well as DIY decor to create your dream beauty area.


Add a Pop of Color

Painting a wall highlights your beauty area, creating a dedicated pampering station. Of course, you can keep your walls as they are if you don’t want to change things too much. However, if you’re looking for a way to separate your beauty space from the rest of the room, a pop of color can make a huge difference. Opt for light, calming colors like rose pink or lavender.


Invest in a Vanity Table

If you’ve got the space, add a vanity table. Here you’ll be able to do your morning skincare routine as well as your makeup and hair. You’ll almost feel like you’re at your local beauty salon — from the comfort of your own home.

The great thing about vanity tables is that you can use it to create a beautiful display of your favorite products. Or if you want things more practical, fill it with your most-used products so that you don’t always have to hunt for them to be able to use them.

No space for a vanity table? Add a shelf instead! Use it to line up your daily essentials or create a gorgeous display of your prettiest products.


Add a Mirror

A good mirror is imperative when it comes to creating a beauty space at home. This enables you to see exactly what you’re doing when you’re applying your serums, creams, and other beauty products. Alongside this, mirrors add style and give the illusion of more space.

You can opt for a large mirror or just a small vanity mirror. Alternatively, invest in LED lights to add the wow factor to your beauty area. White lights look especially chic!


Utilize Storage Space

Once you’ve got your beauty area set up, it’s important to keep it organized so that it doesn’t end up cluttered. If you’ve got dozens of beauty products, store them in your vanity table’s drawers, makeup organizers, cosmetic trunks, or dividers. You can even create DIY storage solutions using empty candle jars as a brush holders.

Try to ensure everything has its own space so you know exactly where to find it. Nothing kills the self-care buzz more than having to dig around for 20 minutes looking for your retinol serum or night cream. Also try to take advantage of the space you have and use every bit of it.


Display Your Beauty Products

For the sake of aesthetics, display your most beautiful products and pack the less visually-pleasing ones away. When you look at your beauty space, you want it to appear alluring. If your vanity table is filled with half used sticky bottles of cleansers and serums, the area’s not really going to lure you in.

You can obviously decide what you display. But if you want to create that fabulous beauty space you’ve been dreaming about, we recommend making it aesthetically pleasing.


Products to Put on Your Shelf or Vanity Table

Here are some of our fave products to dress up your beauty space. And, of course, transform your skin!

GLOW Serum

A purple potion of glycolic acid and bakuchiol to brighten skin, fade discoloration, and give skin a smoother appearance. She’ll look stunning on your beauty shelf!




An aqua blue formula of hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 to drench skin in lasting moisture, plump out wrinkles, and leave skin looking dewy.




She’s pink, powerful, and absolutely perfect. Tighten Serum harnesses the anti-aging powers of red microalgae and AHAs to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while boosting skin’s firmness.




A sunny-hued serum packed with vitamin C and vegan collagen to brighten skin, plump out creases, and protect skin against UV rays. She’s super pretty...but also extremely powerful!



PLUMP Lip Butter

An adorable rainbow swirl of plumping peppermint and hydrating coconut to deliver your juiciest, most luscious lips. This cute little lip plumper would look amazing on your vanity table!



HYDRATE Body Butter

Another rainbow swirl to add to your collection. Hydrate Body Butter is a buttery, whipped body moisturizer enriched with shea butter, vitamin E, and coconut to leave skin extra smooth and supple. She’ll also add a pop of color to your beauty space.



Maybe you don’t have enough space to create a home salon. But there are plenty of ways you can create a beauty space. For more inspiration, head over to TikTok, Pinterest, or Instagram for beauty room ideas. Got everything you need? Start building your own beauty space at home, and start enjoying it — ASAP! Be sure to tag us in your beauty space pics on social media so we can take a peek!


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