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A Halloween Skincare Routine to Reign in the Spook SZN

A Halloween Skincare Routine to Reign in the Spook SZN

With all those Halloween parties approaching, make sure you look your glowiest (IRL and in your pics) rocking your Disney costume or Frankenstein ensemble. Even if you’re only planning to spend the night watching horror movies with your besties or bae, it’s yet another excuse to get your skin looking its best.

Another reason to get your skin in shape for the holiday: all that heavy Halloween makeup that’s about to be piled on. By showing your skin plenty of love now, it’ll be much more forgiving of all that upcoming face paint and heavy makeup. Alongside that, your makeup looks will appear far more flawless once they have a clean canvas — courtesy of this Halloween skincare routine.

Here’s a bone-chillingly good skincare routine to get your face and body gleaming for spooky season.


#1: Scrub Away the Autumn Scales

What with the dry air, indoor heating, and hot showers, your skin’s no doubt getting the brunt end of pumpkin spice latte season. Brighten up your skin with a gentle buffing session. By exfoliating 2-3 times a week, you remove the buildup of glow-dimming dead skin cells to reveal your freshest, most radiant skin.

Whether you’re dressing up as an old Hollywood star or a blood-thirsty vampire, getting your skin freshly buffed will make all those layers of makeup and paint glide on for a flawless result.

DO IT WITH: Illuminate Body Polish

Powered by pineapple and retinol, this detoxifying scrub works to lift dirt and dead skin while spurring cellular turnover and collagen production for smoother, brighter, and juicier skin.


#2: Shave ‘till Your Spooky Smooth

Will you be rocking a revealing Halloween costume for the holiday festivities? Show off your smoothest skin by indulging in a Rainbow-inspired shave. The key to a perfect shave is good prep (exfoliation), a decent shaving cream, and plenty of aftercare! These will prevent shaving nasties like razor burn, nicks, and ingrown hairs.

Whether it’s your first time or your hundredth time, there are always ways to improve your shave. Lucky for you, we’ve got some of the dreamiest shaving formulas around to give you an effortless shave every single time.

DO IT WITH: Smooth Shave Butter

A rainbow swirl of coconut, vanilla, and vitamin E to soften skin and hair follicles for an ultra-close, dreamy smooth shave. Besides providing perfect slip for your razor, Smooth Shave Butter deeply moisturizes skin — while giving ingrowns and bumps the scares! Get ready to feel pumpkin-smooth on Halloween night!


#3: Mask Away Your Skin’s Nightmares

Like ghosts in a haunted house, it can be difficult to scare away skin concerns like dullness and discoloration. Unless you have the right formula...

Before all those hocus pocus parties, DIY creations, and makeup removal sessions, get your skin in top shape by indulging in a face mask. With the right face mask, you can tackle any current skin concerns while warding off future ones so you’re starting with only your best base. Even if you’re only planning on watching your fave Netflix sequels this Halloween, what better way to do it than looking utterly glowing?

DO IT WITH: Glow Mask

A glossy gel mask infused with glycolic acid and bakuchiol, which work in tandem to buff away dead skin cells, protect against environmental aggressors, and minimize the appearance of fine lines, dark spots, and discoloration. All while upping your skin’s glow!


#4: Hydrate, Watch Your Halloween Makeup Glide On

Got a ton of invitations to Halloween parties? That’ll probably mean you’ll be slathering on a lot of dramatic makeup. To ensure it looks its best, you really need to start with a fresh, smooth base. Start your skincare routine with a cleanser, toner, and then apply a lightweight hydrating serum to make your Halloween makeup look glisten.

Some face creams tend to leave skin looking greasy. With a moisturizing serum, you get the benefit of smoother, dewier skin without looking shiny.

DO IT WITH: Hydrate Serum

Silky, lightweight, and flash-absorbing, Hydrate Serum harnesses the moisture-sealing power of hyaluronic acid to smooth skin texture and prep for perfect makeup application. A fun little hack: pop it in the fridge for 15 minutes before using for de-puffing effects.


#5: Patch Up Oozy Pimples

Oozy pimples might spell witch or goblin vibes, but if you’ve got a whole other look going on, don’t let those pesky pimples steal the show. One of the best ways to heal stubborn zits (at least the oozy, juicy kind anyway) is by patching them up with acne patches.

Acne patches contain hydrocolloid, a wound-healing ingredient that absorbs oil and impurities while promoting speedy healing. Some patches contain some acne-fighting extras just to make things work a little faster.

DO IT WITH: Clear Blemish Patches

The quickest way to cure zits! A pack of 36, cloud-shaped acne patches formulated with pore-clearing salicylic acid and bacteria-killing benzoyl peroxide to flatten, drain, and heal active breakouts. These blemish patches work best on freshly formed or popped oozy pimples. They don’t work as effectively on blackheads or cysts, as they don’t penetrate deep enough.


There’s no better time to start preparing your skin for all those Halloween festivities than NOW! With this Halloween skincare routine, you can get your face and body looking its glowiest so that you sparkle at those hocus pocus parties. You can also take inspiration for your outfit and makeup from TikTok where you’ll find some of the hottest new Halloween trends.

To get the most out of this Halloween beauty routine, start now so that you give each product and its magical ingredients at least a couple of weeks to kick in.

You can shop Rainbow products on our official website, as well as at Walmart and CVS.


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