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8 Hacks for Packing Skincare for Travel

8 Hacks for Packing Skincare for Travel

Whether you’re going on a two week vacation or weekend break, it’s always nice to have a selection of your fave skincare products on hand. Trouble is, it’s not always possible to take it all with you. Fortunately, there are some ingenious hacks you can try for packing your toiletries and getting the most out of your skincare selection without adding heaps of weight to your carry on or suitcase.

Here are eight hacks for packing skincare for travel that you need to try for your next trip away.


#1: Pack Multipurpose Skincare Products

If your daily skincare routine comprises of a dozen products or more, try streamlining your routine for the trip by either bringing along multipurpose products, or making multipurpose products out of the beauty products you already have.

For example, a body butter or lotion may double up as a lip balm, shaving cream, or hand cream. And your daily facial cleanser can probably also be used on the rest of your body. You can easily save space by packing multipurpose skincare products. This way, you get the benefits of several products while only taking two or three.


#2: Make Your Own Minis

Invest in some travel bottles and create your own travel-size products to bring your fave products along with you. This is definitely a good idea if you’ve only got a carry-on bag. Since you can only take liquid products that are 3.4 ounces or less, according to the TSA, it’s best to make your own minis. This way, you get all your favorite products without getting anything taken away by security. Plus, it’s a great way to pack light.


#3: Take the Essentials

Think about which products you use most on a daily basis, and which ones are the most important. Most likely, it’s your face wash, moisturizer, and sunscreen. If you’re struggling to decide, we’d recommend taking these three essentials. You can also pack a serum or topical acne treatment, but you’ll no doubt be fine without your toners, essences, and facial oils for the next few days.

And this doesn’t just apply to your skincare routine. Use this approach for makeup routine and hair care routine. For hair, shampoo and conditioner should do. For makeup, just take a few essentials like your mascara, concealer, and gloss.

Most of the time, you really don’t need as much as you think you do. Think logically, consider what you really need, and leave behind the products you can live without for a few days.


#4: Keep the Weather in Mind

Depending on the destination, you may not need certain products while you may need others. For instance, if it’s super hot where you’re landing, be sure to prioritize SPF, deodorant, and dry shampoo. You’ll probably be able to skip the eyeliner and eyeshadow, since the heat will only make it melt. And you definitely don’t want heavy creams and moisturizers, so skip them.

With cold locations, however, you’ll still need sunscreen, but we also recommend bringing along a rich face and body cream to prevent skin from drying out.

By considering the weather before packing, you make sure you take products that you’ll actually use instead of merely wasting space.


#5: Grab a Skincare Bundle

Skincare sets and bundles are great because they’re practically a skincare routine in themselves. Grab a bundle and pack it in your travel bag or suitcase so that you have your streamlined routine with you.

Got dry skin? Pick up a box of our Hydrate Bundle, which contains a serum + mask to drench skin in long-lasting hydration. Mature skin? Try our Restored Bundle, which features two serums + a mask designed to plump out fine lines and firm up sagging skin. You’ll find plenty more skincare bundles over on our online store to keep your skin glowing while you’re away from home.


#6: Store Makeup in Your Sunglasses Case

A great travel hack for getting the most space out of your bag is storing small items like your makeup in your sunglasses case. From your highlighter to your eye makeup products, store them in your glasses case to save space. You don’t need to take a makeup bag or toiletry bag with you if you only have a handful of small items.


#7: Pack Your Cotton Swabs in a Medicine Bottle

Another handy packing tip: re-purpose your pill bottles to store your cotton pads, cotton balls, and cotton swabs in. This will stop them from getting misplaced, and it’ll keep them clean on your travels. Run through your packing list again, and check whether anything can be stored in a medicine bottle or two to save space.


#8: Bring Along Some Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are a minimalist’s best friend. Not only are they small and light, but they’re also mess-free, meaning you can apply them during your travels. Whether you’re on the plane or a bus, treat yourself to some pampering time by laying over a nourishing sheet mask.

In addition to helping you wind down, they’re a great product for reversing the signs of jetlag. Plus, there are plenty of formulas out there depending on your skin concerns. Whether you’ve got dryness, breakouts, or dullness, your local drugstore or Sephora should have the right sheet mask for you.


Skincare travel packing might leave beauty lovers feeling stressed over having to squeeze everything into one or two bags. With these skincare travel hacks, you can get all the benefits of your fave products without having to load down your luggage.

Do you have any tips for packing skincare for travel? We’d love to hear your tips! Get in touch with us, or drop your tips over on our social media pages.

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