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7 Situations Where Self-Care Helps

7 Situations Where Self-Care Helps

Self-care is one of those things you know you should find time for, but when it comes to actually doing it, there always seems to be something that demands your time more. If you have a hectic schedule, it might feel impossible to carve out time for self-care. However, for the sake of your mental health and overall well-being, it’s important that you try to find even just a few minutes every day to devote to self-care activities. It could be anything from meditating to writing a journal to spending time with loved ones and getting enough sleep. Self-care is anything that promotes overall health.

If you’re wondering when you can fit it into your busy days, here are seven situations where self-care can do a lot of good in your day.


#1: When You Wake Up

One of the best times to practice self-care is as soon as you wake up in the morning. It’s an excellent way to start your day and promote a productive day. There are so many methods of self-care, you can decide which works for you. You could try affirmations — positive statements used to boost self-esteem and encourage yourself to get the most out of the day. It’s basically a form of self-talk to allow you to be in control of your thoughts.

Another idea is deep breathing, a technique that involves breathing in slowly through your nose, and out through your mouth. These exercises can help reduce stress and anxiety, and may also help manage chronic health conditions.

Alternatively, try going out first thing in the morning for a walk to get some fresh air and take some alone time for yourself to gather your thoughts.

Even following a skincare routine can help add structure to your life and serves as a form of self-compassion since you’re taking care of yourself. Try slathering your skin with the treats in Rainbow’s Smooth Bundle.


#2: When You Feel Stressed or Overwhelmed

There are five main types of self-care: physical self-care, spiritual self-care, social self-care, mental self-care, and emotional self-care. Try including all five in your self-care routine to become your best self. Doing so can improve your life vastly by reducing stress and anxiety, increasing energy, improving happiness, and promoting stronger relationships.

Whenever you feel stressed or overwhelmed, immediately start prioritizing self-care. You could try taking a bubble bath, doing yoga, or listening to a de-stressing podcast. For long-term benefits, make self-care deeply ingrained in your daily life. Get plenty of exercise, get at least 7 hours of sleep, spend more time with loved ones, do activities that bring joy, begin praying, and express your emotions in a journal.


#3: When You Experience Burnout

If you’ve already experienced a burnout, that means you probably weren’t doing self-care before. It’s not too late to start. Choose activities that bring you happiness and boost your energy. For starters, pay attention to how social media makes you feel. If it’s sapping your energy, you might want to temporarily remove it from your life.

It’s also important to continue taking care of your physical health and emotional health. Eat well, get plenty of physical activity, and start doing activities that bring more joy to your life.

Some good examples of self-care include skincare, yoga, mindfulness, bubble baths, and spending time in nature.


#4: When You Travel

Travel can be fun if you’re going on vacation, but if travel makes up a big part of your daily life, it can definitely leave you feeling tired and burned out. The good news is, you can practice self-care while you travel. Whether you’re on a plane, train, or bus, there’s plenty of opportunity to enjoy some me time.

Some great self-care ideas to try on your next trip: meditation, stretches, inspiring podcasts, journaling, and deep breathing. There are also apps you can download on your phone that focus on nourishing your mind and soul.

If travel plays a big role in your life, include it in your self-care plan. Think about ways you can use that time spent traveling to focus on boosting your wellbeing and improving your overall quality of life.


#5: When You Feel Low

Feeling a little blue? Sometimes, all you need is a nice activity to make you feel better again. Try putting on your shoes and going for a walk or run. The fresh air and the exercise will help! You could also try connecting with friends and family members.

If you think you might be suffering from a mental illness like depression or anxiety, seek professional help from a healthcare provider. They should be able to offer you some self-care strategies, and maybe even medication, to ease your symptoms.


#6: When You’re Self-Esteem Suffers

Just lost your job? Broke up with your partner? When your self-esteem suffers, your health suffers, which is why it’s important to channel your energy into activities that make you feel good. When you feel good, your self-esteem increases.

To naturally boost your self-esteem, try doing activities you know you’re good at. It could be anything from writing to playing a sport or even something as small as doing your makeup. Spend time with people who lift you rather than people who bring you down.


#7: Before Going to Bed

Before hitting the sheets, take time for self-care so you can get a good night’s sleep. For starters, you could try pampering yourself with a couple of nice skincare products, like those in Rainbow’s Hydrate Bundle. It might sound like a small thing, but taking care of yourself feels really good!

After that, spend a few moments being grateful for your day and listing out all the things you appreciate in life. If you have any worries or stresses, write them down and get them out of your head until the next day.

If you need help drifting off, put a few drops of lavender oil onto your pillow to set the mood for a restful night’s sleep.


Self-care shouldn’t be something special. It should be a priority in your routine — so make time for it!