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Why You Need to Add "Jade Roller" to Your Xmas Wishlist

Why You Need to Add "Jade Roller" to Your Xmas Wishlist

Still pondering over what to put on your Christmas wishlist? You might want to add "jade roller."

For the past couple of years, beauty buffs have been ranting and raving over the use of ancient skincare tools, such as gua sha stones and jade rollers. But are they worth the hype? 

Here's everything you need to know about jade facial rollers. 



A jade roller is a beauty tool made from jade that's used for face massage and stimulation. It might be relatively new to us, but jade rollers have been around for centuries in China. 

The benefits come from the fact that it's cold on the skin, which offers certain skin tightening and rejuvenating benefits. Then there's the matter of lymphatic stimulation, which brightens, firms, and de-puffs skin.

"The practice of applying a cold sensation and pressure to an area has been used for centuries because it works without fail," says Joie Tavernise, aesthetician and founder of JTAV Clinical Skincare in NYC. "It’s simple: The cold restricts blood flow to a particular area, and pressure pushes fluid, known as lymph, to the lymph nodes, which process it and filter out toxins."

It's definitely worth getting acquainted with jade rollers since they could be a great Christmas gift idea for yourself!



One of the reasons we think a jade roller would make the best gift for yourself this holiday season is because it offers so many skincare benefits.

You may have already seen the influencers on TikTok and Instagram touting all the benefits of using a jade roller, from boosting collagen to clearing breakouts. It turns out, they weren't lying. Jade rollers can indeed do all these things, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and blemishes. However, it's important to remember that results depend on the individual and how often you are using the roller. Remember: consistency is key.

The primary benefit of using a jade roller is its brightening and de-puffing qualities. Rolling a jade roller over your face encourages the lymphatic system’s natural detoxification process and brightens by boosting the circulation and blood flow. With the lymph system working optimally, you'll also be left with less puffiness and more distinguished facial contours.

What's more, using a jade facial roller gives a cool surface that soothes irritation and redness in sensitive skin types.

And finally, "rolling the device over skincare products you have applied may help enhance penetration of the active ingredients," says dermatologist Joshua Zeichner. From your luxury lotions to your revitalizing sleep masks, everything works better with the aid of a jade roller.



Thinking of adding a jade roller into your skincare routine? Here's how to use it:

Use a gentle cleanser to wash your face, then apply your eye creams, serums, and moisturizers. You can also add in a little facial oil to make the rolling easier. Remember to rinse off the excess oils left on the device. You can also apply your skincare products using the roller to massage them in.

Using the roller back and forth, move up and down and out to the side, working all around the crevices of your face. You don't want to miss a spot!

To encourage lymph drainage, acupuncturist Ross J Barr gives instructions. "Imagine the bridge of your nose is the central point and roll away from that in all directions. Imagine you are very gently rolling all the toxin build-up outward and downwards, finally rolling outward along your jaw and down the channel that runs down your neck by your ear."

Spend the time covering all areas of your face to reap the most benefits from jade rolling.



Glow Bundle

Two beauty products -- a face mask and serum -- formulated with glycolic acid and bakuchiol to make you glow. Both our Glow Mask and Serum Booster offer a grease-free glow to refresh the face and give skin its bounce back. Apply these products with your jade roller for maximum penetration. 

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Hydrate Bundle

Delete dry skin once and for all with this hydrating mask and serum. Vitamin B5 and hyaluronic acid work seamlessly together to inject hydration into the skin and visibly plump for a glassy, dewy complexion.  Apply these products with your jade roller for maximum penetration. 

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Smooth Bundle

A two step skincare routine key for a dewy, youthful glow. Formulated with vitamin C and vegan collagen, this duo works together to protect skin from free radicals while thickening the dermis to gently smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. Apply these products with your jade roller for maximum penetration. 

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Tighten Bundle

Tighter, brighter, perkier skin in two simple steps. This anti-aging routine utilizes the powers of red microalgae and a blend of alpha hydroxy acids to boost collagen production, fade fine lines and wrinkles, and spur the shedding of dull, dead skin cells for clearer, brighter skin. Apply these products with your jade roller for maximum penetration. 

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There are clearly multiple benefits to using a jade roller in your skincare routine. Besides giving you clearer, smoother, glowing skin, this facial tool will make your face masks and serums work instantly harder.

Whether you buy it as a beauty gift for yourself or as a stocking stuffer, we're sure whoever receives one will be over the moon this Xmas. It's a perfect gift!

If you need some holiday gift guides inspiration, prioritize self-care and add this beauty tool to "my wishlist." Remember last year when you got dog-faced pillowcases, nail polish sets you never use, or Walmart gift cards? Make sure you get something you actually want this year by adding this great gift idea to your Christmas wishlist. If not, buy one for yourself. You'll easily be able to find one over on Amazon, Nordstrom, or Sephora.

Happy holiday shopping!


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