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Tonight, I'm Giving Myself One of those Viral Foot Baths

Tonight, I'm Giving Myself One of those Viral Foot Baths

It feels like every day there's some hot new TikTok trend you just can't seem to help but want to try. Even if it sounds a bit funky.

The first time I heard about foot baths was when I came across a video on TikTok of perfectly manicured feet plunged into a bowl of sudsy, petal-peppered water. I've seen a million of these vids ever since, as I looked for inspo to create my own foot bath.

Tonight, I intend to pamper my tootsie's with one of these viral foot soaks. Just because it looks so darn relaxing.


What is a Foot Bath?

Essentially it's exactly what it sounds like. Just like you sink into the tub after a hard day, a foot bath involves soaking your tired tootsies into a bowl of hot water enhanced by, well, whatever you like.

Some TikTokers sprinkle in Epsom salts and essential oils. Others add in shower gel and flower petals. I've even seen some pouring in baking soda – thought don't ask me why. I'm assuming it's for the exfoliating benefits but I haven't figured it out completely just yet.

The wonderful thing about foot baths is that there are no rules. It's like any other kind of bath – your bath, your way.

You can wind down with a foot bath anytime. Before a pedicure, after a workout, or simply to relax after a long day.


Benefits of Foot Soaks

Do you really need a reason to dunk your feet into a steaming soak and chill? I don't. Nevertheless, it's always nice to know the procedure comes with a few extra perks. And with foot baths, you're looking at a lot of benefits.

For starters, they're a great way to prep your feet for a pedicure. That's because the hot water softens your toenails and cuticles, making it easier to cut and push them back.

Next to this, foot baths can help eliminate bad doors. Spent the morning jogging or been rushing around all day? Dip your tootsies into a foot bath and enjoy a sweeter smelling pair.

Interestingly, foot spas can also boost your immune system and are recommended by many health care providers. They're said to get your circulation moving, manifesting a more robust immune system. Sounds good to me!

Finally, foot baths provide instant relief for those dealing with muscle aches and pains. That's why they're a great remedy for athletes or pretty much anyone who enjoys a good workout.

Most importantly, foot baths feel good. They're an excuse to wind down and enjoy a fulfilling pampering session right from the comfort of your home.


My Foot Bath (A Step by Step Guide)

Since foot baths have been such a big deal on social media, I decided to give myself one. Here's a break down of how I performed a foot bath at home (and my fav skincare products for doing it with!). Come on and join in on the whole thing!

Step 1: Create a Chill-Worthy Atmosphere

Facials, shaving, even brushing your teeth... it's all better when you set the tone. To create a calm and relaxing atmosphere for my first time foot bath, I lit a couple of scented candles and put on my fave playlist. Instantly everything felt better.

You don't need to put in much effort, but a little bit goes a looooong way.


Step 2: Buff Your Feet

One TikToker kicked things off with exfoliation. As in, exfoliating her feet with a scrub. Turns out, buffing your feet comes with a roster of benefits including improved texture, less smelliness, and enhanced absorption of skincare products.

After exfoliating my feet with Rainbow Smooth Body Scrub, my feet felt silky soft – and they even appeared brighter.



Step 3: Prepare Your Foot Bath

You don't need one of those professional foot spas for this to work. I just grabbed a washing bowl, filled it up with hot water, and added in some embellishments: a few drops of lavender oil, Epsom salts, and a bath bomb (just for fun).


Step 4: Soak Away Your Stresses

Now for the fun part! Bath time! For extra comfort, I do it from my couch. Lying slightly back, I let my feet soak up the satisfying steaminess of the water and fizz of the bubbles. It feels incredible. How did I never do this before? I do this for 10 minutes before lifting out my feet, rinsing, and patting them dry. I'm kind of sad to be leaving the comfort of the bubbly hot water.


Step 5: Lotion!

Now that my feet are fresh and feeling fabulous, I finish with a generous dollop of Rainbow Hydrate Butter, massaging it into my cuticles, toes, and the balls of my feet. Within a minute, it melts into skin and leaves my feet feeling babsoft. They also smell like cotton candy. Yummy!


Following my DIY foot spa, my feet are feeling better than ever. I feel calm, soothed, and irresistibly soft.


Foot Baths: My Verdict

Who'd have thought that one night browsing TikTok would leave me a serial foot bather. I'm hooked. Seriously.

Beyond feeling good, foot baths work wonders for your health, soothe muscle soreness, and may even help with stress. They can also help with corns, if that's an issue, which can be further treated with the use of a pumice stone.

I'm going to continue taking foot baths for the next couple of weeks and see if I discover any other benefits along the way.


Last time I tried a TikTok trend, things didn't end well. But since discovery foot baths last week and actually trying one for myself, I've realized it's time to break up with my bad foot care habits and make time for foot baths. Because they're definitely worth the hype.

As for the side effects, they're all positive! Oh, and one last thing: foot baths leave your feet smelling heavenly!


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