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TikTok's Thursday Night Routine: Your Guide

TikTok's Thursday Night Routine: Your Guide

Thursday nights are the perfect time to do your beauty chores, according to TikTok. From shaving to slathering on all your lotions and potions, TikTokers are reserving their Thursday nights for all things beauty to get prepped and ready for the weekend while perking up the remainder of the week.

The concept is piping hot right now, racking up over 14.8 million views on the app (and counting). Here’s more about the trend, and how to give it a try.


What is TikTok’s Thursday Night Routine?

If you’re not much of a high maintenance beauty babe, TikTok’s Thursday night routine will be perfect for you.

TikToker Alexa Timmermann basically started the social media trend when she exclaimed in her TikTok video that she likes to “gatekeep” her Thursday nights for “everything showers.”

According to Timmermann, she starts off at the gym, comes home and makes dinner, and then she hops in the shower to have what she calls an “everything shower.”

"You do your detox shampoo, you do your hair mask, you exfoliate every part of your body, you shave everything. You get out of the shower and you do your 25-plus step skincare routine, probably including some kind of a face mask, or those little rejuvenating eye patches, right? You do all of that,” she says in her video.

The great thing about Thursday night routines, is that you can get as creative as you like. You can add or take away steps. Basically just do the beauty tasks you want to do and make it a moment of self-care.


Thursday Morning Routine vs. Night Routine

There’s nothing quite like taking a steaming hot shower or bath at the end of the day and then slathering on your fave formulas, ready to wind down with a cup of tea and a good book (or Netflix series!) before hitting the sheets.

While morning routines are great for energizing you and starting the day, nighttime skincare routines offer more time as well as a chance for your go-to skincare products to penetrate deeper overnight. It’s also the perfect opportunity to show yourself a little self-love after a long, hard day at work.


How to Do a Thursday Night Routine

Honestly, there’s nothing complicated about TikTok’s Thursday night routine. You get to decide what steps and products you add. This is your evening — aka, it’s all about you!

If you’re looking for inspiration, though, here are some steps to include in a Thursday night routine:

  • Shower — Lather up with an ultra lush shower gel or cleanser.

  • Bath — Sprinkle in some bath salts, drop in some essential oils, and really spruce up your tub.

  • Hair wash — The perfect time to show your mane some love and slather on a hair mask?

  • Shave — We know it’s tedious, but just think how silky you’ll feel when you’re done!

  • Exfoliation — Buff away dull, dead cells to reveal a fresh and glowing face and bod (while prepping skin for self tan and improved product absorption).

  • Face mask — Light some candles, put on your fav playlist, and kick back with a soothing face mask.

  • Eyebrow plucking — Now’s a great chance to sharpen those arches.

  • Fake tan — With your skin freshly buffed, there’s no better time to get bronzed.

  • Serums — Slather on those treatments that’ll transform your skin.

  • Moisturizer — Finish your Thursday night routine with a generous coating of the richest, most luscious body butter you have!


The Best Thursday Night Skincare Products

Here are some of our fave products to use for those TikTok Thursday night routines.

Illuminate Polish Scrub

A salt-based brightening polish of retinol and pineapple that work in tandem to buff away dead skin, detoxify, and diminish hyperpigmentation while leaving your body luminous. It’s the perfect way to start your Thursday evening.




Glow Mask

As effective as journaling and yoga can be for boosting your mood and helping you check in with yourself, pampering yourself with a good old fashioned face mask always does the trick. Rainbow Glow Mask is a chemical exfoliant-based mask of glycolic acid and bakuchiol that helps with dullness, dark spots, and clogged pores. These active ingredients provide an all-in-one buffing sesh to leave skin sparkling.




Hydrate Serum

Drench your skin in the moisturizing powers of Hydrate Serum, a formula of hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 to restore skin’s moisture, plump out lines, and support the skin barrier. It’s perfect for all skin types, especially dry and sensitive skin. Best of all, you can use this all over — on your entire body (hashtag: head to toe dewy).




Firm Boob Mask

Show your tatas some love tonight with this boob firming mask. It’s made with brightening berries and elasticity restoring retinol to perk up your pair over time. That said, this berry-scented beauty will make your boobies glow from the very first use.

Maybe you’ve heard influencers talking about boob and butt masks? Well they’re all the rage now, and well worth adding to your Thursday night routine for a little pick me up.




Hydrate Body Butter

Tidy up your products, put everything back in its place, and then coat your entire body in this restorative, deeply hydrating body butter. Enriched with shea, cocoa, and vitamin E, this rainbow swirl full of goodness will leave skin silky soft and smelling sweet as a cupcake.

If you follow us on Insta, you may have seen this product pop up on your FYP. It’s the perfect product for Thursday recovery nights!




Ready to try TikTok’s Thursday night routine? There are plenty of vids and tutorials you can use for inspiration on the app. Best of all, you can throw in virtually any step or product you like — from body washes to masks, eye creams to shaving and brow tweezing. Your Thursday night, your choice.

As for what dermatologists think? We haven’t heard much feedback just yet, but one thing we have heard...don’t go overboard on binging your skin with active ingredients like retinoids and AHAs, which may irritate your skin when overused. When it comes to getting the balance right with your actives, stick to skin cycling routine. Reserve Thursday nights for nourishment!


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