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Skinny Brows are Back? Before You Pick Up the Tweezers...

Skinny Brows are Back? Before You Pick Up the Tweezers...

Skinny brows are having a moment. Between TikTok's thin eyebrow filter and the likes of Bella Hadid and Nicola Peltz rocking pencil-thin brows, people are reaching for the tweezers in a bid to mimic the hottest new beauty trend.

Over the past few years, we’ve turned to bushy-browed celebs like Cara Delevingne for brow inspiration. Hence the reason, we all grew them out and stocked up on brow gels and serums to keep them tamed.

Bushy brows might be out, but that doesn’t mean skinny eyebrows should be your next beauty venture. Sure, it’s always fun to experiment with new beauty looks, but not when that experimentation isn’t something you can return from.

Here’s what you should know before tweezing the heck out of your brows.


Excessive Tweezing Can Cause Lasting Damage

Plucking away your brow hairs might give you a temporary playful appearance, but the effects of overplucking can cost you your brows. There’s a reason why your mom’s always telling you to keep them thick! She probably made the mistake of getting too tweeze-happy and now she’s paying the price.

"Overplucking damages the follicle, sometimes beyond repair," says board-certified dermatologist Mona Gohara, MD. "Remember that the hair lives in the follicle, and was put there for a reason; if you remove it, the area becomes irritated, inflamed, and sometimes permanently scarred."

Millennials also made the mistake of going OTT with their tweezers. Hence the reason, they’re always on the lookout for brow growth serums and crazy about microblading treatments. They want their natural brows back!

Before you consider rocking thinner brows, think about the potential effects overplucking. Do you really want to rely on heavy brow pencil application and microblading treatments for the rest of your life? Unless you’re serious about thin brows, keep your tweezers where they are and embrace your natural arches.


What the 2022 Skinny Brow Looks Like

Thin brows are back — and they’re popping up all over social media.

"I think there's an obsession with the '90s happening, and we're seeing Gen-Z focus on this, especially on TikTok," says celebrity brow expert Joey Healy. "We're seeing it with clothing and makeup with a general Y2K aesthetic, and I think that this obsession is leading the way with brows."

That said, the 2022 version of skinny brows isn’t the same as the 90s version.

“The thin brows we see today aren’t exact replicas of the thin brows we saw in the 90s on Drew Barrymore or Kate Moss,” says Jared Bailey, the global brow expert for Benefit cosmetics. “Today’s thin brow is more modern.” According to Bailey, the 2022 thin brow trend focuses on tighter, more structured, denser brows.


How to Fake Thin Brows

Want to try thin eyebrows without making the commitment? Excellent idea! Using a few makeup products, you can give thin eyebrows a try without causing any lasting damage.

Start by applying a concealer all over the brow to block out unwanted hairs and create a blank canvas. Makeup artists recommend patting it in rather than using a brush for extra coverage. You should also match your concealer to your skin tone to ensure you end up with a natural, believable-looking canvas.

From there, follow up with a brow pencil to create your chosen brow shape. Want Gwen Stefani arches? Or perhaps a straighter brow? Your brows, your look. Turn to the Hollywood stars for inspiration and try out those brow shapes to see which suits you best.

This trick is so effective, even those with super thick brows can fake a thin brow — provided you use the right technique, of course. It might take a little practice, but it’s way better than compromising your brow hairs.


Shop Brow Care Products

When it comes to eyebrow products, you probably think of brow gels, serums, and pencils. In this case, we’re talking about brow skincare products. Just like the rest of your face, your brows need hydration and occasional exfoliation to stay healthy. Here are a few of our faves to pamper your brows with.



An intensely exfoliating salt-based scrub enriched with a blend of mango + AHAs to buff the buildup of dead skin on the brows, and encourage healthy hair growth. Rainbow Beauty Exfoliate Scrub helps with roughness, dullness, and cell regeneration! It’ll also allow your brow care products to absorb deeper, maximizing their effects.




A silky, flash-absorbing elixir of hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 to drench dull, dry skin in lasting moisture. Never thought about moisturizing your brows before? Now it’s time! Your brows need just as moisture as the rest of your skin and hair. If you don’t fancy applying anything thick on your brows, try this super lightweight serum that intensely hydrates without leaving behind a greasy residue.



Hydrate Butter

A rich and buttery moisturizer made with coconut oil, shea, and vitamin E, which work together to deeply nurture skin and strengthen skin barrier function. One of its key ingredients — vitamin E — has been shown to increase capillary circulation in the scalp, thus helping to promote hair growth. While you won’t be applying it to your scalp, it should nurture your brow follicles just as much and ultimately encourage healthy brow growth. On top of all that, your brows will feel irresistibly soft once this rainbow swirl has melted in.



Skinny brows might be the runway and TikTok’s hottest new trend, there is a potentially irreversible side effect to this trend: your brows not growing back. Once you’ve plucked your brows to infinity, the damage inflicted on the follicles will prevent your brows from growing back — at least fully, anyway.

Before you pick up the tweezers, think about your brow goals and consider how you’d feel if your brows stayed sparse forever. You don’t need to try every trend!


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