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Don't Sweat it! Here's How to Make Summer Makeup Last Longer

Don't Sweat it! Here's How to Make Summer Makeup Last Longer

Ahhh summer. What’s not to love about those long, chilled out days at the beach, the cute attire, the fruity, frosted margaritas...

We can think of one thing: melting makeup!

There are few things worse than spending all your time applying a beautiful makeup look, only to sweat it all off almost as soon as you leave the house. If you’re not a fan of melting foundation or smeared eyeliner either, don’t worry. We’ve found a solution.

From prepping your skin correctly to using products that help keep everything intact, here are several ways to sweat-proof your summer makeup look.


Prep Your Skin with a Few Lightweight Formulas

Anytime you plan on applying makeup, you always want to start with a clean, fresh face. Besides preventing clogged pores and breakouts, cleansing your skin enables your foundation and concealer to glide on more seamlessly.

After cleansing, reach for a lightweight, oil-free moisturizer like Rainbow’s Hydrate Serum, and apply it to your face and neck. Avoid using heavy, rich creams which may cause your skin to sweat throughout the day.

And finally, finish with a thin layer of sunscreen (SPF 30 preferably) to protect your skin from harmful UV rays while outside. Make sure you let all your skincare products sink in before applying makeup.



Exfoliation probably won’t make your makeup last longer, but it will make your base makeup look significantly smoother. That’s because exfoliation buffs away dead skin cells, allowing your skincare products to penetrate more deeply, while providing a smooth surface for seamless makeup application. It’ll also naturally brighten your skin tone.

Look for a gentle exfoliating serum like Rainbow’s Glow Serum which blends chemical exfoliant glycolic acid with brightening bakuchiol for instant radiance. For best results, exfoliate after cleansing but before applying serums, moisturizers, and SPFs. You don’t need to do this in every makeup routine, but we recommend incorporating exfoliation 1-2 times a week to ensure your skin and makeup look their freshest.


Always Start with a Primer

Don’t forget to prime your skin before slathering on your makeup products. They go on after moisturizer but before makeup.

“Primers are definitely the way to go in summer,” says Ashunta Sheriff-Kendricks, a celebrity makeup artist in New York City. “They really help hold makeup in place without feeling like a heavy additional layer.”

And don’t just apply facial primer. You’ll need eye primer too if you want to prevent your eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara from sliding around and creasing. It can also help that under-eye concealer stay put throughout the summer heat.


Pick Long Wear Makeup Products

To ensure your makeup stays on as long as possible, the pros recommend investing in long-wearing products. Especially if you are looking for full-coverage makeup options, opt for products that brag about multiple-hour-longwear.

Long-wearing lipsticks will also be your best friend throughout the summertime. They help your fave pigments and matte lipsticks stay in place without smudging or feeling sticky. Of course, you could also wear lip balm instead, but if you’re looking to go bolder, the best way to do it is with long wearing lipsticks. Otherwise, things will just get messy.


Double Up

If you don’t want your eye makeup or bronzer to sweat off, the experts recommend layering your makeup products.

“Layering is the key,” says Beyonce’s makeup artist Sir John. “So you want to use a liquid foundation, then set it with bronzer; a cream blush, then set it with powder blush.” And if it’s good enough for Beyoncé, it’s good enough for us!

Just make sure you layer thinly to avoid cakey-looking makeup.


Set Your Makeup With Powder

The best way to sweat-proof makeup is by using the right powders. Try a loose powder or setting powder to soak up excess oil and keep everything in place. Apply lightly to the areas of your face most prone to collecting sweat, like your nose, chin, and forehead. Avoid applying too much powder as this will prevent you from getting that dewy makeup look that looks so stunning in the summer.


Carry Blotting Papers With You

Blotting papers are great at absorbing oil, shine, and sweat and keeping your makeup looking fresh and dewy throughout those long, hot summer days. Besides being effective at mattifying your skin, blotting papers are so compact they fit almost anywhere and are easily transportable for on the go touch ups. Even if you’re not wearing makeup, oily skin types can benefit from keeping a pack in their bag to keep skin matte throughout the day.


Try Waterproof Makeup

Love to splash in the pool or ocean? Invest in a waterproof mascara and other waterproof formulas to prevent racoon eyes. Even if you’re staying out of the water, waterproof makeup is an easy way to tackle the issue of sweat and makeup.


Finish with Setting Spray

Setting spray is a miracle worker for keeping your makeup intact on hot, sweaty days.

“They create a protective seal for your makeup and also help in softening the look of any excess powder or texture,” says New York-based makeup artist Molly Fredenburg.

Once you've finished applying your makeup, hold your setting spray at least 12 inches away from your face and mist all over for full coverage. Leave it to dry and keep your hands off to prevent smudges.


Keep Makeup Minimal

While it’s important to layer up when you’re seeking full coverage, those looking for a more natural, sunkissed makeup look will benefit from using less product. Is that you? Opt for a tinted moisturizer or BB cream, concealer, and a swipe of mascara, and you’re good to go!



Whether you’re after a natural or full-on makeup look this summer, make sure you follow the handy hacks above to keep your foundation, concealer, and mascara intact. Alternatively, focus solely on good skincare practices so you can glow without the need for concealers, foundations, and highlighters. Just remember to always wear SPF and re-apply every two hours to stay protected — and keep your skin healthy!



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