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Candlelit Skin is IN...Here's What it is

Candlelit Skin is IN...Here's What it is

Meet the holiday season’s hottest new makeup trend: Candlelit skin.

When it comes to Christmas makeup, it’s all about “go big or go home.” From glitter eyeshadow to sparkly brows and glow-enhancing body shimmers, Xmas makeup looks are getting bigger and bolder with each passing year.

If you’re not that into all the glitz and glam, don’t worry. There’s a new makeup trend that focuses on manifesting a natural-looking dewy complexion. Influencers, makeup artists, and we are obsessed!

Here’s everything there is to know about candlelit skin and how to get a lit-from-within look at home.


What is Candlelit Skin?

Candlelit skin is a makeup trend that gives you a glow-from-within complexion. According to makeup artists, most of the look is achieved with skincare. After all, your makeup will only look as good as your skin — which is why skin prep is essential!

Makeup products, from your foundation to your concealer and highlighter, glide on seamlessly when your skin is properly prepped. And by prepped, we mean cleansed, exfoliated, and moisturized.

While the makeup you use plays an important role, candlelit skin cannot be achieved if you haven’t given your skin some TLC first. Hence the reason we’ll be zooming in on how to prep skin and the best products to use for the job.


How to Do Candlelit Skin

Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting candlelit skin from home.

Step #1: Build a Beautiful Base

In order for makeup to look its best, you need to start with a thorough skincare routine. Prep skin so that it’s well cleansed and extra hydrated. This way, you won’t get any peeling foundation — or that dreaded dullness.

Start by washing away impurities with a gentle cleanser. If you can, look for one formulated with exfoliating acids (like glycolic or salicylic acid) to buff away dead skin cells, which will leave skin looking fresher and smoother. Next, apply a generous amount of moisturizer (this could be a hydrating serum or face cream), and for a little extra glow, dab on some facial oil. For extra staying power, apply a primer.

Let everything absorb properly before beginning with makeup. If you don’t give everything at least a couple of minutes to absorb, your makeup could end up piling (aka, not a good look!).


Step #2: Apply Shimmer

For a luminous complexion, follow up with a shimmery product and apply it mostly on the high points of your face for definition. You don’t need to apply it all over unless you want to look like a disco ball at your holiday party. Less is definitely more when it comes to shimmer.


Step #3: Pat on Foundation + Concealer

Next, pat on a liquid concealer and foundation — or use a brush, if you prefer. You should be using products that match your skin tone. To check it’s right for you, swatch the product on your jawline and see whether it blends in with your natural skin color. It should blend it so naturally that you can’t tell a difference between your skin and the foundation or concealer. Ideally, it needs to look like second skin!


Step #4: Set Everything

Add a liberal amount of blush, and feel free to contour with bronzer for extra definition. Once you’ve applied all your pigments, set with a slightly luminous setting powder to give you that candlelit glow and get it to last all day long. Without setting powder, it will simply slide off.


Step #5: Do the Finishing Touches

Candlelit skin is all about the complexion, and getting that natural glow. However, to complete your makeup look, you can apply a little mascara, eyeliner, lip liner, and gloss to complete your look. Feel free to skip, though.


The Best Skincare Products for Candlelit Skin

To achieve candlelit skin, you first need to prep your skin so that it’s ready for makeup application. This way, you can guarantee a seamless makeup look. Here are some of our fave products to prep with.


Glow Mask

A glossy gel mask with exfoliating powers! Glycolic acid and bakuchiol work in tandem in this bouncy mask to gently buff away dead skin cells, refine texture, and give your face an ultra fresh feel. It’s one of our fave beauty products for achieving a lit-from-within glow. Best of all, it yields instant results. Simply apply it, let it work its cell-melting magic, and 15 minutes’ll be luminous!



Smooth Serum

There’s really no better brightening ingredient than vitamin C. This powerful antioxidant can be found in our Smooth Serum, an anti-aging serum that plumps out lines, diminishes discoloration, and leaves skin gleaming. It also contains vegan collagen which helps restore elasticity, giving skin a firmer appearance. Applied under your makeup, Smooth Serum guaranteed all-day, all-over glow.



Hydrate Serum

Candlelit skin demands a deeply moisturized base. With Hydrate Serum, a satiny formula of hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5, you get a day’s worth of dewiness — and none of the grease many moisturizers leave behind. This daily treatments seals in moisture for long-lasting smoothness, dewiness, and glow. It’s the perfect primer for candlelit skin. Plus, you can use it on both your face and body for all-over dewiness.



Candlelit skin is Christmas’s hottest makeup trend. It’s perfect for anyone looking for an alternative to the typical glitz and glam of holiday makeup looks. Best of all, it isn’t too hard to achieve. All you need is well-prepped skin and a handful of makeup products, and you’re good to go.

One of the most important steps, by far, is the skincare prep. If you’re looking for new products to try to get your skin gleaming this Xmas, try one of the products listed above. Rainbow products are available on our official website as well as by retailers such as Walmart and CVS.

What are your thoughts on the candlelit skin trend? We’d love to hear from you!


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