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Every Blonde Babe Needs to Read this: Blonde Hair Care Tips

Every Blonde Babe Needs to Read this: Blonde Hair Care Tips

Blondes may have more fun, but caring for bleached strands? Not so fun!

Blonde hair is prone to brassiness (warm pigments in hair), which occurs when shades of platinum blonde and golden blonde take on a yellowish tinge. Bleached hair is also vulnerable to fading due to sunlight exposure, contact with sea water, and even air pollution. In other words, maintaining that perfect shade of blonde is far from easy.

To keep your tresses looking beautifully blonde and bright, follow these blonde babe-approved haircare tips.


Purple Power

Since bleach blonde hair is prone to brassiness, you'll need to perform an occasional color correcting session to keep warm undertones away. Purple shampoo (or toner/toning shampoo) is perfect for neutralising brassy and yellow tones in the hair, and is especially helpful for ash blondes and silver hair to maintain that coolness. 

"The main reason it is purple is because on the color wheel, it is the direct opposite color of yellow, which means purple and yellow will cancel one another out," explains colorist Richy Kandasamy. "So, when using purple pigment on color-treated brassy or yellow tones, it color-corrects your hair's hue, restoring it to its former natural or neutral brightness with cooler tones." 

In addition to keeping blonde hair colors fresh, purple shampoos can also be used to boost brondes and blonde highlights. 

To use a purple shampoo, lather it up and apply to wet hair. Leave it on for two to five minutes, depending on the level of brassiness. Then rinse with cool water. For best results, use a purple shampoo once a week. 


Stick to Sulfate-Free Formulas

Sulfates dry out and damage your hair. It's best to avoid them at all costs -- especially if you have blonde hair, which is already compromised. Always look for a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to enhance your hair's color, strength, and moisture content. 

Since hair washing and conditioning is something you do frequently, it's important to make sure you're using hair products that help, not hinder your strands. Look for nourishing ingredients like coconut oil, keratin, argan oil, and shea butter.


Deep Conditioning

Hydration is fundamental for maintaining a healthy, shiny blonde look. 

Bleaching is a very harsh process that strips the natural hair of oils and nutrients, leaving hair prone to dryness and brittleness. Processed hair needs a lot of attention to keep it healthy and prevent breakage. That's why hairstylists recommend investing in a good leave-in conditioner or repairing hair mask. 

Deep conditioning treatments are essential for restoring moisture, preventing breakage, and maintaining your color's vibrancy. While you won't be able to completely undo the damage from bleaching, you can strengthen your strands bit by bit and create a brighter, smoother future for them.

When applying a hair mask, leave it in for at least 5-10 minutes to let it really penetrate the hair cuticle. 


Cut Down on Heat Styling

The less heat styling -- the better! Lifting brown hair to light blonde hair requires your hair follicle to be stripped. Once it has been stripped, it's hard for your hair to hold onto the nutrients produced by your scalp. This can leave your hair dry and brittle. Adding heat styling into the equation only causes more damage and dryness. 

Experts recommend taking a break from heat styling every once in a while and adopting heat-free hairstyles like buns and braids. 

If you can't live without your hairdryer, flat iron, or curler, be sure to always use a heat protectant spray when using your hot tools. And always use a deep conditioning treatment to maintain hair health and strength. Also, avoid damaging treatments like keratin smoothing treatments which can drastically dry out and damage bleached hair.


Take Advantage of Dry Shampoo

Washing the hair strips it of natural oils, leaving it prone to dryness. It can also speed up color fading. To make sure your hair looks fresh and blonde as always, try to cut down on your hair washing sessions. 2-3 times a week is more than enough to keep your scalp clean without progressing color fading and damage.

In between days, refresh your hair with a few mists of dry shampoo. This stuff is great for reviving dull, limp strands and adding oomph to flat hair.


Embrace Balayage

If you're tired of all those lightening touch ups messing with your mane, consider taking a short break from full-on blonde and opt for balayage, ombre, or even your natural hair color. Leave your roots to grow out a bit and focus on conditioning your ends until they're restored to good health. Then ask your hairdresser for a few natural highlights, which are far less high maintenance.

Avoid switching to a completely contrasting shade if you plan on going back to blonde. Dark hair and red hair is much harder to lift, and may cause damage in the lightening process. Alternatively, opt for a darker, ashy shade of blonde to give your hair a break from all the bleach. 

Speak to your stylist if you need professional advice. Going blonde and maintaining a beautiful shade of blonde can be complicated. It's always best to speak to an expert so that they can factor in your hair type, skin tone, and specific hair needs. 


Invest in a Shower Head Filter

Whether you've got honey blonde hair, dark blonde hair, or white blonde strands, your shade can be altered if you're rinsing with bad water. Depending on where you live, some water has high levels of minerals, chlorine, iron, and fluorides which can contribute to blonde becoming brassy. 

Invest in a high-quality shower heat filter to neutralize the flow of these elements. You should notice less damage and less color changes to your blonde hair.


Being blonde is fun, but definitely not easy! To keep your strands looking sunny, shiny, and stunning, be sure to follow the blonde hair care tips above to live your best blonde life. You may even want to consider getting a pixie cut if you're seeking a bold blonde look.

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