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Rainbow's Hyaluronic Acid Mask is a Saviour for Sunburned Skin

Rainbow's Hyaluronic Acid Mask is a Saviour for Sunburned Skin

Who doesn’t love the summertime? Cute floral dresses, walks on the beach, the opportunity to show off your glowing’s bliss. That said, there’s also the downside to all those beach trips and margaritas by the pool: sunburn. Even the most diligent sunscreen wearers aren’t immune.

If you’re dealing with burned, red skin right now, you’re probably looking for relief — and relief you can definitely find in a certain skincare product...Rainbow’s Hydrate Mask.

Packed with hyaluronic acid, this cooling jelly mask soothes sunburnt skin and replenishes moisture — to get back your summer glow ASAP.

Scroll down to hear more about this healing face mask, and why you need it in your beauty fridge.



Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a powerhouse hydrating ingredient often found in serums, lotions, night creams, sheet masks, toners, lip balms, and eye creams. It’s a humectant, which means it attracts water from the environment much like a sponge. Since hyaluronic acid can attract up to 1,000 times its weight in water, this active ingredient is highly effective at keeping skin hydrated throughout the day.

Besides diminishing dry skin, hyaluronic acid can also help plump out fine lines and wrinkles thanks to its ability to boost water content in the skin. Its anti-aging abilities are also down to its collagen-boosting powers, which help smooth out creases and increase skin’s firmness.

If you experience a sunburn, the dermatologists suggest applying a facial serum, moisturiser, or facial mask infused with hyaluronic acid. According to the derms, it helps the skin heal faster. By deeply hydrating the skin, it also supports skin barrier function and prevents further irritation — keeping skin chill.

Additionally, hyaluronic acid promotes cell renewal, speeding up the healing process of pesky sunburns. While it’s not going to work instantly, it will definitely help your skin to recover faster and fully than if it were to go untreated.



What it is:

A cooling jelly treatment designed to deeply moisturize both the face and body. This skin-soothing mask instantly injects skin in lasting moisture while healing active sunburn and plumping out fine lines and wrinkles. It also increases skin’s elasticity, helping to firm up sagging skin, and naturally brightens dull complexions. Think of it as a gigantic glass of water for your skin, here to quench its thirst and leave skin fully satisfied.

Hydrate Mask is suitable for all skin types, but especially those with dry and sensitive skin. It can even be effective for oily skin and acne-prone skin due to its AHA-content which helps buff away dead skin and impurities — preventing the formation of blackheads and blemishes.


What’s Inside:

Hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 are its key ingredients. These two ingredients work in tandem to boost hydration and firmness of the skin while preventing discoloration and rough patches. What’s more, they lock in lasting hydration while regenerating damaged skin cells to deliver brighter, smoother, dewier skin all over.

The formula also contains uber-soothing aloe, a well-known sunburn healer. Aloe vera is packed with natural anti-inflammatory properties that help ease irritated skin. If you’ve ever had sunburn before, you’ve most probably used it to relieve the pain.

Other essential ingredients include antioxidant-rich acai berry, hydrating glycerin, exfoliating glycolic acid, and brightening bakuchiol. All of which work together to strengthen, soothe, and smooth skin while leaving it looking fresh and glowy.


How to Use:

After using a gentle cleanser to wash your face and body, apply a thin layer of Rainbow’s Hydrate Mask to sunburnt areas. Let it sit for 15-20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with water. Finish with a nourishing face creme and body lotion. Always apply SPF as the last step of your skincare routine. Refrigerate the product 30 minutes prior to application for an intensive cooling treatment.


Best Paired With:

The wonderful thing about hyaluronic acid is that it pairs well with most skincare ingredients. From retinol to vitamin C, shea butter to tea tree oil, they all complement each other perfectly. That said, dermatologists warn again using retinol (or vitamin A) in the daytime as UV rays can weaken its effects.

In terms of products, we recommend pairing Rainbow’s Hydrate Mask with Rainbow’s Hydrate Serum. Both contain hyaluronic acid and nourishing botanicals to moisturize skin, fade dark spots and lines, and ease sunburn.




Whip Up a Sunburn Smoothie

Did you know that many of the ingredients you have in your refrigerator can help relieve sunburn? Create a DIY topical treatment for sunburned skin by blending down watermelon or avocado, and slathering it all over the affected areas.

Watermelons are naturally moisturizing and healing, making them an excellent ally for combating sunburnt skin. Antioxidant-packed avocado may also ease the symptoms of sunburn due to their high content of vitamin E, vitamin D, beta carotene, and essential fatty acids, which support healing and soothing the skin.

Steer Clear of Too Many Acids

Hyaluronic acid is fine, but you’ll want to avoid those breakout-clarifying formulas loaded with salicylic acid. You’ll typically find this BHA in foaming cleansers and other acne-fighting products. As effective as they are for clearing up your blemishes, they can also be irritating to the skin — especially if it’s already irritated.

While you’re waiting for your sunburn to heal, stick to cooling, gentle personal care products that don’t contain any potentially irritating ingredients. The last thing you want to do is irritate your skin even more! If you want to exfoliate, stick to enzyme-based products instead for the time being.

Try Calendula Seed Oil

Calendula oil is one of the best natural products to alleviate sunburn as the antioxidant-rich calendula flower can nourish and soothe sun damaged skin. You should easily be able to pick it up at your local drugstore or over on Amazon — and it will certainly bring you some relief.


Rainbow’s Hydrate Mask is an intensive cooling treatment that can quickly relieve sunburnt skin, while offering repairing and healing benefits. Enriched with ultra-nourishing ingredients, this jelly face mask deserves a lasting place in your skincare fridge just in case you succumb to a painful sunburn this summer.


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