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How to Make Trimming Your Brows a Breeze

How to Make Trimming Your Brows a Breeze

Trimming your eyebrows might sound scary, but it can make a huge difference to the appearance of your brows. 

The trouble is, it's just as easy to over-trim as it is to over-tweeze your brows. To help you achieve a pair of perfectly groomed eyebrows, we've created a step-by-step guide to make the entire process a breeze.


#1: Gather Your Tools

To achieve a successful trim, you'll first need to choose the right tools to do the job. Like with anything beauty-related, tools can make all the difference to the end result. 

You will need a small pair of brow scissors with a slanted tip, a spoolie brush with soft bristles, and a pair of tweezers. It's worth creating a designated eyebrow grooming kit containing these three tools so you can reach for them anytime you need a trim. 

Always use a regular mirror instead of a magnifying mirror, which can make you remove too many hairs. Natural light is also essential to prevent over-snipping brow hairs. Clear vision is key when it comes to any beauty treatment.


#2: Clip Your Hair Back

If you have long hair or bangs, the pros recommend clipping your hair back so they don't get in the way -- or worse, accidentally snipped.

Clipping your hair back will allow you to see your brows fully without any distractions, minimizing mistakes. 


#3:  Brush Up

Using a clean mascara wand or spoolie brush, lightly brush your brows in the direction of hair growth. Doing this will make it easier to identify the brow hairs that need to be trimmed. 

Eyebrow hair closest to the inner corner of your eye tends to grow straight up while the rest grows closer to a 45-degree angle. Comb your brows gently upwards so that you really only brush the top layer of hair. Avoid over-combing, which may result in unwanted gaps when trimming.


#4: Trim

Now that your hair is brushed, you want to focus on the stray hairs extending up and beyond the upper brow line. 

Using your eyebrow scissors, trim the noticeable long hairs so that they end at the top of the brow line. Trim slowly and gently, cutting on a little bit at a time to avoid over-trimming. It's always best to go slow to prevent any mistakes. 

Be careful not to trim the hairs too short, and avoid cutting the hairs straight across. Doing so can give the appearance of gaps in the eyebrows, instead of giving you that perfect brow you seek. 


#5: Examine and Amend

Eyebrows are one of the most prominent facial features. When you over-pluck, over-trim, or over-fill, it stands out on your face. That's why it's crucial to go slow when grooming your brows and take your time until you're happy with the end result.

After trimming, take a few steps back from the mirror and assess. Do they look neat? Even? Did you get all the long hairs? 

If your brows appear uneven, continue to brush the hairs up and snip any strays until they all align with your natural brow shape. You may need to remove some stray hairs with your tweezers. 

It's always best to work with your natural shape, rather than trying to achieve a specific eyebrow shape. 


#6: Fill in Sparse Spots

Once you're done trimming, dust any trimmed hairs off your face and fill in any sparse spots with an eyebrow pencil or brow powder. Make sure you choose a shade that matches your natural hair color so that your brows blend in with your features. 

If the brow shade is too dark, it'll be immediately obvious. You want your brows to compliment your face, not overpower it!


#7: Finish with a Clear Brow Gel

To keep brow hairs in place all day long, finish with a high-quality brow gel or pomade, making sure to brush the brow hairs upwards and out. It's a great trick for taming unruly brows and it's especially handy for people with super bushy brows which need a little extra attention.



Whether you're a beginner or eyebrow obsessed, everyone can benefit from these at-home brow maintenance tips and tricks.


  • Moisturize Your Brows

Moisturizing your brows should be a regular thing in your skincare routine. It doesn't matter whether you tweeze, thread, or get your brows microbladed, all brows need hydration to stay healthy and nourished.

If you've ever experience flaky skin between your brows, then you'll know first hand that the brow area gets dry too. Keep moisture levels high in your brow zone by moisturizing them morning and night with a hyaluronic acid serum like Rainbow's Hydrate Serum


  • Exfoliate Your Brows

Just like your face and scalp, the skin under your eyebrows can become dry and flaky in the winter months. You've no doubt already been exfoliating the rest of your body, but how about your brows? It turns out, the need light exfoliation every now and then to remove dead skin from the follicles and make way for new cells.

You can either use a gentle scrub or a chemical exfoliating product formulated with glycolic acid like Rainbow's Glow Serum.


  • Consider Getting Your Brows Shaped By a Professional

While it's tempting to do a DIY brow overhaul, makeup artists and brow experts recommend leaving adjusting the shape of the brow to the professionals. Removing a hair or two is perfectly fine to clean-up unruly brows, but if you're looking for some major definition and shape, book an appointment for a professional wax or threading session.

You may even want to consider microblading if you're not too efficient at shaping and maintaining your brows. Speak to a professional to discuss your options.


Trimming your brows is actually quite simple provided that you use the correct tools and technique. We hope this step-by-step tutorial (and the bonus tips!) will help you attain the brows of your dreams. Got any questions? Be sure to reach out to us and ask!



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