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An Adriana Lima Inspired Glowing Legs Routine

An Adriana Lima Inspired Glowing Legs Routine

Tanned, toned, and utterly radiant, Adriana Lima always seems to look fresh off the Victoria’s Secret runway. The Brazilian model clearly has some genius beauty secrets hiding up her sleeve!

It’s hard not to be in complete awe of this Victoria’s Secret angel. In addition to being the lingerie giant’s longest-running spokeswoman, she’s also worn a total of three Fantasy Bras worth $9 million combined, and was named the most valuable face in the brand's history back in 2017. And the icing on the cake? The Brazil-born beauty opened her fifth Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2012, merely months after giving birth to her second child.

And those legs...we’re secretly dying to know how she gets them so sparkly and sculpted.

Here’s a fun and easy Adriana Lima inspired glowing legs skincare routine to help you achieve that supermodel glow.


  1. Sculpt those Stems with TIGHTEN Body Mask

If you want to look strong, gleaming, and glam like Adriana Lima, start your leg care routine by slathering on Rainbow’s TIGHTEN Body Mask. It’s made with collagen-boosting retinol and hydrating papaya to plump, moisturize, and brighten skin for that supermodel glow you only see on runways and the front cover of Vogue.

It’s one of our favorite beauty products for tightening and toning your butt and legs. This firming formula will wake up your blood circulation, boost collagen, and restore elasticity for legs that belong on New York Fashion Week’s runways.

To get the most out of this mask, apply to clean, wet skin and let it sit for 15-20 minutes before rinsing. Use at least twice a week.


  1. Diminish Dimples with ANTI-CELLULITE Serum

Cellulite affects almost all women. While you can’t actually get rid of it, you can make it appear a lot less visible with the right skincare products. Look for a moisturizer infused with ingredients that stimulate blood circulation and decongest skin, as these will help blur out dimples.

Rainbow’s Anti-Cellulite Serum contains a mix of hydrating watermelon and plumping vegan collagen to fade cellulite and stretch marks for smooth and silky soft thighs. Spend a few minutes massaging in this formula to get the blood flowing and help decongest skin. You can also pair it with dry brushing to fire up circulation. You’re going to love what this formula does to your skin!

To get the most out of this serum, apply daily to clean, dry skin. In order to see results from this serum, we highly recommend staying consistent.


  1. Get Glowing with SMOOTH Serum

Now that your legs are firmer with fewer puckers, it’s time to show them off with a touch of added sparkle. Adriana Lima is rarely spotted without her signature glowing skin. The lady just seems to glow wherever she goes.

Rainbow’s Smooth Serum blends vegan collagen with vitamin C to leave you sparkly and ready to take LOTS of selfies. Vegan collagen supports natural collagen production for soft and springy skin. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that helps brighten the skin, fade discoloration, and protect again free radical damage.

To get the most out of this serum, apply daily to clean, dry skin. In order to see results from this serum, we highly recommend staying consistent.




Next to this Lima-inspired body care routine, try out a few of her health and fitness tips to get in shape like this Victoria’s Secret model. We did the digging for you, and this is what we found out:


She Likes to Box

Whether she’s walking the runway, red carpet, or streets of Los Angeles, Adriana Lima always looks sensational. So, how exactly does lady Lima do it? According to the model herself, she loves a good sweat sesh — especially one involving boxing gloves.

“I started boxing many years ago and it not only became a way for me to keep myself in good shape physically, but also mentally,” Lima tells Harper’s Bazaar UK. “This sport takes so much energy and focus. It's really interesting to take your body to a different level and push yourself.”


She Eats Clean

According to an interview with Marie Claire, the former face of Maybelline and Puma loves to eat clean. Now that explains the glowing skin!

“I love smoothies, fresh fruit, and veggies,” she tells the magazine. “I also take a daily vitamin and drink lots of different herbal teas to help purify my body. It doesn't bounce back the way it used after having kids, so I have to workout really hard to be in good shape in addition to being a tired mother.”


She Likes to Switch Things Up

It’s the fitness secret so many celebs swear by. From Gigi Hadid to Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian and Hailey Bieber, we’ve heard all about their love for keeping things diverse. And Adriana Lima is no different. The model rotates between boxing, spinning, yoga, pilates, and running to keep her bod looking strong.

It makes sense. Doing the same thing over and over again is a quick way to get bored and give up. It’s better to change things up a bit to stay stimulated.


Now that you’re all perky and glowy, finish your beauty routine with a dusting of eyeshadow, a few lashings of mascara, and a swipe of your favorite red lipstick.

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