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A Date Night Shower Routine for Busy Babes

A Date Night Shower Routine for Busy Babes

So, your hot date is coming over tonight. But you don't have time to do a 10-step shower routine. That's fine. You can easily achieve smooth, glowing, luscious skin in less than half the time. 

If you're a busy babe with little time to waste, be sure to devote your time to the right things. You don't need an elaborate skincare routine to get head-to-toe dazzling. All you really need are a few smart beauty products that'll whip your skin in shape -- while you're in the shower. 

Think of this date night as a way to show yourself some self-care with some in-shower pampering. Whether you're enjoying a home date night or going on a fancy night out, here's how to get yourself ready FAST for the special occasion -- and sparkle as a result!


#1: Perk Up Your Peach with Tighten Mask

Firm up your butt and smooth out cellulite and stretch marks with Rainbow's Tighten Mask. Papaya and retinol work in tandem to tighten -- without the gym. 

Papaya boasts exfoliating properties to buff away dead skin and dullness to reveal a fresh layer of skin underneath. Retinol boosts collagen production and spurs skin cell turnover for a perky, plump peach. 

You can also incorporate this into your morning routine if you don't have time for it in the evening. Either way, it's definitely worth trying this tighten mask ready for your first date -- or third! Or maybe it's a special romantic date night with your significant other. Whoever it is, they're going to love how smooth, soft, and silky you feel. Even if you don't get that far, the simple act of self-pampering will make you feel so empowered and sexy. 


#2: Make Your Tatas Sparkle with Glow Mask

Next, give your tatas a pick me up and make them sparkle with Rainbow's Glow Mask.

Thanks to the teamwork of exfoliating glycolic acid and anti-aging bakuchiol, this body mask will leave your tatas gleaming -- and keep them sparkling until the next day. Glycolic acid is a chemical exfoliant that dissolves dead skin cells while bakuchiol smooths out fine lines and wrinkles. Together, this duo brightens, smooths, and resurfaces for extra beautiful boobs.

If you're looking for date night idea inspiration, you could even try having an at home DIY spa together. Just gather your fave products and begin the pampering process. It's a fun way to get to know each other! Plus, you'll get the added skincare benefits!

Open a bottle of wine, slip into your bathrobes, diffuse some essential oils, and enjoy a night of beauty together! By the time you're both polished and smoothed to perfection, you'll be stargazing at each other.


#3: Fade Fine Lines & Dimples with Anti-Cellulite Serum

Once you've finished showering or bathing, pat your skin semi-dry so that it's still a little damp. Then massage in a dozen or more drops of Rainbow's Anti-Cellulite Serum. 

This formula is made with a blend of moisturizing watermelon and plumping vegan collagen for silky smooth skin. Apply it wherever you've got cellulite or skin texture issues -- it'll smooth them right out.

Whether you're going for brunch with him/her on Valentine's Day, or planning on cuddling on the couch and watching Netflix, there's never a bad time to address skin concerns like cellulite. Besides leaving you smooth and dimple-free, this flash-absorbing formula will leave your body gleaming.


#4: Seal Everything in with Hydrate Body Butter 

Finish your routine with a generous helping of body lotion. This'll ensure all the goodness from your previous skincare products gets locked in for long-lasting hydration and glow. 

Rainbow's Hydrate Body Butter is a nourishing infusion of coconut and vanilla to hydrate dry skin and leave it smelling sweeter than a candy store. It's rich and creamy, and a perfect base for spritzing on perfume. Remember, moisturized skin holds onto smells better than dry, dehydrated skin.

If you usually don't have the free time to apply creams and lotions, give yourself the opportunity to enjoy every moment of it. He or she won't be able to get enough of you once you're done!



Just in case you're stuck, we've came up with a few ideas you and bae can do to keep yourselves entertained while indoors. If the two of you want to keep things safe by staying inside (good for you!), here are some ways to have fun without leaving your front door.

  • Get takeoutand play videogames - Looking for a low-key date night? This might just be the perfect way to do things. Order your favorite takeout, ask him or her to bring over some videogames, and get playing. Besides being a great ice breaker, you'll genuinely have a lot of fun together. 
  • Have a game night- If you both love games, host a game night just for the two of you. Trust us, it'll be fun. 
  • Do karaoke- Switch on your favorite playlist and start singing together in your living room. Even if you're a beginner, it's a fun idea and one you're both bound to enjoy. Alongside this, it's a quick way to enjoy a few laughs together.
  • Cuddleand watch TV - This traditional date night idea isn't going anywhere. Grab some ice cream and two spoons, and dig in!
  • Plan a getaway-- if you and your hot date are actually on your 10th+ date, it might be fun to plan a first time trip together. Even if you don't end up doing it, it's always fun to look, right? If shopping's more your thing, maybe you could try window browsing on Amazon

Whether it's a first, third, or 30th+ date, you don't have to spend all day getting ready to look glam. All you need is this easy in-shower beauty routine and a streamlined makeup routine, and you're done!

You can also watch our date night in-shower tutorial on TikTok if you'd like to see it in real life. 

Busy babes never need to miss out!


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