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5 Shower Products to Get More From Your Bathing Routine

5 Shower Products to Get More From Your Bathing Routine

Turns out, you can make your shower much more productive just by bringing in a few savvy shower essentials. Instead of just your regular body wash, try experimenting with some new shower products that go beyond cleansing your skin of impurities.

From body scrubs to cellulite-targeting polishes, here are five fabulous products to include in your shower routine.


#1: Shine Shave Body Polish

Every good shave starts with shaving cream. In the shower or bath, allow the warm water to soften your hair follicles and prep skin for an effortless shave. Then lather up with a nourishing shaving cream to lubricate skin ready for the hair removal process.

Rainbow’s Shine Shave Body Polish is a rich yet lightweight whipped formula that’s perfect for sensitive skin and coarse hair. Enriched with coconut oil, vanilla, and vitamin E, this luxurious polish evenly coats and moisturizes hair follicles for a silky smooth shave. Thanks to these hydrating, skin barrier strengthening ingredients, Shine Shave Polish preps skin for a close, irritation-free shave without razor burn or ingrown hairs.

Coconut oil and vanilla boast anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which help to prevent razor bumps and irritation. Vitamin E deeply hydrates and protects for soft to the touch skin.

Whether you’re shaving your legs, bikini line, or underarms, this deluxe bath product will leave skin feeling irresistibly smooth.


#2: Anti-Cellulite Body Polish

Treat cellulite as you shower with this smoothing body polish. Rainbow’s Anti-Cellulite Body Polish is a juicy swirl of exfoliating watermelon and plumping vegan collagen. Rich in malic acid, watermelon aids in lifting dead skin cell buildup on the skin’s surface, promoting smoother, brighter skin. Vegan collagen supports the skin’s natural collagen production, filling in dimples and minimizing the appearance of cellulite. The formula also contains vitamin E to deeply nourish dry skin and repair UV damage.

Just the act of massaging this formula into your skin can help spur circulation, decongesting skin and making cellulite look a lot less noticeable. Try pairing it with a loofah and cellulite-fighting body lotion to get seriously smooth.

While there are plenty of skincare products aimed at getting rid of cellulite, one product may not be enough to give you visible results. Most importantly, you’ll need to be consistent. Include this beauty product in your daily skincare routine so that you won’t have to wait too long to see results.


#3: Booty Scrub

If your shower caddy currently only consists of shower gel, shampoo, and conditioner, you might not be getting the most out of your bathing routine. By all means, keep going with your cleanser and hair care products, but consider adding it a few extras too, like a booty scrub for instance. Butt products aren’t nearly as popular as they should be, but they’re definitely worth investing in since your butt faces many of the same concerns as the rest of your body — dryness, breakouts, discoloration, sagging.

Rainbow’s Booty Scrub is an exfoliating polish packed with brightening mixed berries and collagen-boosting retinol. This fluffy, lightweight polish was made with your butt in mind. Designed to smooth texture, firm sagging, and reduce the appearance of stretch marks, it’s just the shower companion you need to keep your peach looking perky.

Retinol — the formula’s key ingredient — has been clinically proven to tone and tighten skin by increasing collagen and elastin output. Mixed berries boast a high antioxidant content, which help fend off acne, eczema, discoloration, and fine line formation.


#4: Boobies Scrub

Just like your butt, your boobs face many of the same skincare woes as the rest of your body: dryness, dullness, acne, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, sagging, and stretch marks. Make space in your self-care routine for this rejuvenating boob scrub, and start seeing visible lift and firmness in as little as four weeks.

Rainbow’s Boobies Boob Polish is a gentle, exfoliating chest polish formulated with a nourishing blend of coconut, hibiscus, and vanilla. These actives work in tandem to restore skin’s moisture, firmness, and smoothness. They also help minimize the appearance of stretch marks.

Hibiscus is chock full of vitamin C (a natural antioxidant), tightening the skin’s connective tissues and fighting off free radicals for a firm, youthful chest. With an exfoliating base of high-grade natural salt, Boobies Scrub removes dead skin, clearing clogged pores and preventing breakouts. It also delivers an instant brightening effect to make your girls extra glowy.


#5: Hydrate Body Butter

Body butters belong outside of the shower. Technically, though, it is a kind of shower product since you should be using straight after patting yourself dry. The best time to apply lotion is the moment you step out of the shower while skin’s still slightly damp. This’ll seal in water, keeping skin smooth for hours.

Rainbow’s Hydrate Body Butter is a colorful whipped blend of shea butter, cocoa butter, and jojoba oil. It helps with dryness, discoloration, and inflammation. Restorative and intensely moisturizing, thus body butter provides all-day, all-over silkiness. Apply it everywhere, paying special attention to drier areas like your elbows, knees, and ankles.



Just some tips we thought you might like to know...

  • Wash in Lukewarm Water. Hot water strips the skin of natural oils, drying out the skin. You don’t need to shower in cold water, but lowering the water temperature can make a huge difference to your skin’s health and appearance. Hot showers are a no-no for skin health.
  • Avoid Harsh, Drying Bar Soaps. Not all bar soaps are equal, but many tend to contain sulfates and other skin-drying ingredients — responsible for leaving skin feeling dry and tight. When you wash your face and body, stick to using gentle cleansers.
  • Enhance Exfoliation with a Soft Washcloth. For a little extra buffing power, bring in a washcloth and use it to buff away the buildup of dead skin.


Start getting more from your bathing routine by trying at least a couple of the shower products above. It’s the shower upgrade you never knew you needed. Once you try it, you won’t be able to go back!


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